in the Caucasus

Tufandagh Resort

Sep 29, 2023

01n 13°C / 55°F

Shahdag Resort

Sep 29, 2023

01n 11°C / 51°F

Agbulag Resort

Sep 29, 2023

01n 11°C / 51°F


The secret ski slopes of Azerbaijan

For skiing enthusiasts tired of the traditional slopes, Azerbaijan’s ski-friendly regions are a spectacular change of scenery and a real breath of fresh air.

Breathtakingly beautiful, the mountains and pistes are pure magic and sure to leave any visitor spellbound. The raw landscapes and the Caucasian mountains make skiing there an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience.

Non-skiers can opt from numerous other activities such as riding a snowmobile, zip-lining or snow-tubing.

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