Posted on December 09, 2021 10:09 am

Summer Activities

ATV Tours

ATV tours for adults: 4 km, 15-20 min ride Age category: +18 Price: 45 AZN
Available summer and winter  
Take an outdoor adventure on one of Azerbaijan’s best ATV tours. Tufandag’s adult ATV tour takes guests through a scenic valley to Duruja Village.           

ATV tours for kids: 10 min | Age category: 7 - 14 Price: 25 azn
Available summer and winter
Off-Road Adventure especially designed for Kids!! Kids have the opportunity to drive their own Suzuki LTZs 90 in the kids track.


Flight duration: 15 min Price: 200 azn

Available summer and winter

Man has always sought to conquer the sky and fly like a bird. And to fulfill your dreams you can fly with us! All equipment required for the flight will be provided for you. You must be in good health and below 100kgs.


Available summer                                                                                       

Tufandag offers many trekking trails for visitors of all levels. Trekking is primarily a pleasure and relaxation in motion, in a journey to the unknown. Fans of trekking very much appreciate it not only because of the opportunity to enjoy the charm of nature, but also they come across obstacles and overcome them on their own. Trekking is not only a systematic movement along a given route, but also a cognitive journey. Pedestrian trekking is an opportunity to see the country from inside, with its traditions and culture. If you love trekking and discovering places, this place is for you!

Segway tours                                             

Available summer and winter  
Duration: 10 min Age category: 13+ Price: 15 AZN                                                                                     

Riding a Segway is intuitive and easy to learn. Everyone can join and have a blast on our Segway tour. After instruction and training you will make your way through the charming forest of Gabala. Riders are equipped with stylish helmets and knee / elbow pads. You will have a lot of fun with riding Segway’s in the forest.

Jeep Tours

Available summer and winter

Sit back and enjoy adventures Jeep Tours through our stunningly beautiful mountains. Travel where few people get to go in our off-road customized Jeeps.

Riverside Path Jeep Tour          
Duration: 1 hour
Adult rate: 45 AZN Kids(10 & under) rate: 20 AZN
A true 4x4 experience and an unforgettable adventure!

Gemervan Jeep Tour      
Duration: 2 hours
Adult rate: 75 AZN Kids(10 & under) rate: 30 AZN
Highlight your vacation with ultimate 4x4 adventure and enjoy spectacular views.

Breakfast By Jeep    
Duration: 2 hours
Adult rate: 110 AZN Kids(10 & under) rate: 55 AZN
Special Azeri style breakfast sep up on top of the mountain at 1660 m.

Laza Village Jeep Tours    
Duration: 2.5 hours
Adult rate: 99 AZN |Kids(10 & under) rate: 43 AZN
Lunch| Dinner by Jeep in local village house or outdoors.

Trout Fish Jeep Tour        
Duration: 3 hours
Adult rate: 120 AZN Kids(10 & under) rate: 49 AZN
Fresh river trout dinner by Jeep.

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