The Agbulag ski resort in Nakhchivan

The Agbulag ski resort in Nakhchivan

Posted on May 21, 2021 3:02 pm

The village of Agbulag in the Shahbuz region, an hour’s drive from Nakhchivan city, is home to the first all-round tourism infrastructure complex in Azerbaijan’s Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan. This area has long been popular for agricultural tourism and relaxation in nature, attracting tourists with its pure air and clear weather. But the ski centre ensures there are now great travel opportunities here throughout the year. 

At the centre you can not only go skiing, snowboarding or sledging, but also enjoy the Lesser Caucasus Mountains scenery and try interesting local dishes. It has everything necessary to cater to tourists, including a hotel with 38 rooms and a capacity of 76 people. All rooms are equipped to ensure high comfort standards and with high-speed internet. There are also three cottages for two people each, two cafes and a place to rent ski clothes and equipment.

The abundance of snow in winter months creates perfect conditions for doing winter sports, and tourists of all ages and experience levels can enjoy an excellent and affordable holiday. The resort’s infrastructure meets the most modern standards of comfort and safety, and although there is always snow here in winter there are artificial snow machines to enable winter sports fans to enjoy them for even longer. Those just learning to ski can always count on the advice and help of professional instructors, while more experienced sportsmen can benefit from advanced training and active holiday programmes. 

The construction of the centre, situated at 2,000m, was led by the French company MND, which used the latest technologies. The overall length of the slopes is 1,580m while the width varies between 18 and 30m. There are also kids’ and entertainment parks, an artificial lake and a 980m-long cable car with 59 four-person cabins that can carry over a thousand people per hour. The difference in height between the start and finish stops is 267m. Conveyor belts with an overall length of 230m also operate in the entertainment and kids’ parks as well as in the start zone.


Courses for beginners

At the Agbulag ski school lessons are led by qualified instructors from Turkey who’ll teach you how to ski safely regardless of your experience level.

Teaching beginners

For beginner skiers there is a special area of slope where instructors help you master the basic skills, teaching you how to stand and ski, deal with obstacles and avoid mistakes.

Individual lessons Price
1 hour 7 AZN
2 hours 12 AZN
3 hours 15 AZN


Group lessons Price
1 hour 5 AZN
2 hours 10 AZN
3 hours 15 AZN


At the Agbulag ski centre you can rent all the ski equipment you need and the staff will help you choose the most comfortable and appropriate options.


The Agbulag ski centre has high-quality K2 snowboards to rent, which will help you learn to snowboard quickly considering the resort’s piste and snow characteristics.


Equipment  Price
Sledge 5 AZN
Jacket 5 AZN
Trousers 5 AZN
Helmet 5 AZN
Sunglasses 5 AZN
Gloves 5 AZN
Hat 5 AZN


Equipment sets  Price
Skis, ski poles, boots and helmet  15 AZN
Snowboard, boots and helmet  15 AZN
Ski suit 14 AZN

 Rental prices are per day. Groups are given a 10% discount.


Agbulag has two cafés serving fast food and a selection of drinks which are located at the start and finish points of the ski lift. These are cosy places where you can have a tasty bite to eat and warm yourself up with a cup of tea or coffee in cold weather.


Length – 980 metres  
Height difference – 267 metres
Carrying capacity – 1000 people per hour
Number of cabins – 59 (4-seater)


Length – 145 metres
Width – 40 metres
Area – 5800 square metres


Entertainment park – 145 metres 
Kids’ park – 32 metres
In the start area – 53 metres 


Length – 65 metres
Width – 25 metres
Area – 1625 square metres 

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